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WE COUNT TOO! We Count on Democracy
An early childhood and family engagement book & program 

Building on the success of our 
WE COUNT! Census book&program 

that reached 600,000 families
in 16 languages comes a
unique family democracy book.
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The  Program Tools

CURRICULUM: A “Count on Democracy” curriculum for early childhood classrooms with fun in-class activities and games.  

A Family Event Kit  A Democracy event for the entire family with easy to print invitations, activities, etc.  and a how-to for collaborations with voter registration and other civic engagement organizations. 
Ebook & ANIMATIONS: The book will be free to read online, and will have an animated version with a celebrity reader.

LIBRARY BOOK WALK & EVENT KIT: These kits include invitations, instructions and fun games for events in-schools, libraries or other neighborhood spots. Poster sized pages of the book can be mounted in community spots for pre- election “book walks” too!

The We Count Too! Family Democracy book

  • As WE COUNT TOO! is read aloud, young children learn how to count to 10. Their parents will read why and how they must count in a democracy -in the stories of 10 families from diverse communities across the country.

  • Explores the rights, responsibilities and complications of living in a democracy with stories from different cultural and community perspectives that encourage reflection, critical thinking, and empathy. This approach can build an understanding of the spirit of democracy in ways the US citizenship test, and even US High School Civics curricula don’t address.

  • Explains 10 key civic engagement activities, and how each support democracy, including voting and taking the census and American Community Survey and American Housing Survey.

  • Encourages parents to read aloud to their young children, and provides interactive questions that actively engage the child and parent while reading.

  • Replicates the early childhood pedagogical stance for both children and adults in a way that reinforces realistic values of good citizenship in the classroom, the community, the country ...and even in a family. 

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