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Grow the Vote & Grow A Voter 
 democracy parenting book, growth chart, & program 

The Grow A Voter Growth Chart:
Hang it on the wall, and chart your voter's growth!

Studies show that adults who vote raise children who vote. Tucked inside the book’s cover is a colorful, illustrated growth-chart that parents can proudly hang on the wall to track their child’s growth and their own voting history. After 18 years, of course, parents will have grown a new voter!

The "Out of the Book" Program Tools:

A COMMUNITY EVENT TOOLKIT: The Grow the Vote “World Café” Community Toolkit to create local conversations around the 18 topics & encourage community participation.
ELECTION EVENT KIT: Social media, invitations, posters etc. for library, school and other pre-election events for families.
EBOOK: Free to read in English or Spanish and other languages as needed.
PROGRAM GUIDE: How to use the book to launch conversations about voting and civic engagement, and encourage parents to model voting as a responsibility and a “rite of passage” for their children.

(all will be free on this Website)

What is the government?  

In a healthy democracy, the government is us.

The Grow the Vote book: 

A book for each state, that will connect the dots between 18* concerns shared by ALL parents of children ages 0 to 18, and their state’s systemic decisions.


  • Each state’s book will illustrate how their executive, legislative and judicial branches are structured, how office holders are elected or appointed, and how relevant state or city agencies are organized. 

  • Graphics and friendly, the book  will unravel some of the confusion around state versus federal decisions, programs and elections.  

  • This non-partisan exploration of what “good government” can do to support families and children will highlight real stories from communities and parents on both sides of the aisle who transcended their family’s personal resources, skills and networks, and together with their neighbors, used their voices and votes to make change. The stories will highlight parents who voted, lobbied and even ran for office

  • A brief explanation of national funding will be accompanied by examples of how other states’ programs address the need.

  • The book will also address the history of disenfranchisement in America. Updated as needed it will include state-specific information for registering to vote and absentee voting as well as concrete suggestions for addressing current voting barriers including transportation and work conflicts, to ensure each voter can reach the polls, and each vote is counted

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